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Packaging Machines

Special Production Solutions for You

Bottle unscrambler and air cleaning, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, sleeve machine, case opening machine, cartoning machine, bottle packing machine, carton packing machine, bundle, palletizing machine.



Elektromag Makine started production in a workshop in Topçular in 1978 and continues to grow and develop with a portfolio of more than 1000 customers today. It is among the organizations that direct the "Turkish Packaging Machinery" sector with its factory established in a closed area of 14000m² in Çerkezköy OSB and over 100 experienced employees.

Elektromag will continue to be one of the leading companies in machinery production and solutions, with the competence of having a staff specialized in all areas of the packaging and packaging industry.


In addition to ayran filling, ketchup filling, molasses filling, tahini filling, sauce filling, non-carbonated liquid filling, capping, labeling, sleeve, safety tape, boxing, packaging machines; We manufacture machines that are specially designed for the product and suitable for the food industry.


Shampoo filling, detergent filling, liquid soap filling, surface cleaner filling, vegetable oil filling, hair conditioner filling and trigger, pump, screw, flip-top, push-pull, screw capping, sleeve applicator, cartoning, packaging machines. We offer solutions for mass production machines in the cosmetics industry with product-specific customizations.


We offer solutions for mass production machines in the pharmaceutical industry for syrup filling, nasal spray filling, mouthwash filling, spray capping, astra capping, screw capping, medicine packaging, bottle packaging and box packaging systems.


We offer solutions for liquid filling and packaging systems, detergent filling machine, disinfectant filling machine, mass production, filling, capping, labeling, packaging and cartoning machines for chemical products and cleaning materials.




Packaging and Packaging Machines

Elektromag Makine has been one of the leading companies in the packaging and packaging machinery industry since its establishment in 1978.

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Org. San. Böl. 3.cad. 15.sok. No:3  59500, Çerkezköy - TEKİRDAĞ

Tel: +90 282 726 13 14   Fax: +90 282 726 14 43

Phone:  +90 282 726 13 14   Fax: +90 282 726 14 43

Center Office

Bağlarici cad. No :14  34320, Avcilar - ISTANBUL

Tel: +90 212 421 37 31  Fax: +90 212 676 10 09  

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