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Who are we?

Elektromag Makine started manufacturing in a workshop in Topçular in 1978 and continues to grow and develop with a portfolio of over 1000 customers. Today, it is among the leading companies in the "Turkish Packaging Machinery" sector with its factory established on a 14000m² closed area in Çerkezköy OSB and over 100 experienced employees.

Production solutions and customizable machines are produced at Elektromag Machinery, which is under the umbrella of the MAG Group. Etimag, the other company of the MAG Group, also produces shrink sleeves, safety tapes, self-adhesive labels and bottles, and the raw material for sleeve production is the Plasmag company, which started its operations in 2022. PET-G shrink film production is carried out.

Our company, which focuses on customer satisfaction, is a pioneer in the sector with its state-of-the-art machines and expert staff. We provide quality products and services by offering solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our customers from the production stage to delivery.

Our product range includes various machines such as plastic bottle unscrambler and air cleaning, liquid filling, capping, labeling machines, sleeve machines, cartoning, case packer and palletizing machines. We also design and manufacture customized machines for special projects.

Quality control and tests are also of great importance during the production process. Therefore, all our machines are manufactured and tested in accordance with international standards.

We constantly invest in R&D studies and innovations to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with the best service. In this way, we constantly improve our products and services by following the developments in the sector.

Our aim is to make our customers' jobs easier and increase their productivity by offering them the best packaging machines.


To be one of the most admired and preferred manufacturers in the packaging and packaging machinery sector all over the world, as well as being Turkey's leading company that creates quality, innovative and customizable products.


To provide innovative products and services by providing the right quality-price ratio.


Special Solutions for You

Elektromag expands its satisfied customer portfolio day by day thanks to its more than 40 years of experience and advanced engineering capabilities.

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Our R&D Team

For each new customer, ELEKTROMAG continues to develop even series production machines and offers these applications to existing customers as development packages.

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