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Modular System

Modular System


• Advanced easy-to-use Beckhoff PLC control system

• Touch screen 7'' or 15'' operator panel

• Weight adjustment on the screen with servo

• Suction and discharge with servo motor

• Very easy to clean Tri-clamp quick connector

• Scada screen

• Unlimited prescriptions

• Remote access, being able to access machine screens from your computer and intervene or see production quantities.

• Input full, output full and all sensors on the machine reporting an error on the screen.

• Door with safety contact and emergency stop

• Low electricity consumption and quiet operation thanks to variable conveyor speed

• Thanks to analog cards, all controls are on the screen.

• Sensors (photocell) used on the machine SICK, KEYENCE, SONIC

• Pneumatic materials used on the machine SMC, FESTO

• All gear reducers used on the machine are Bonfiglioli

• All 304 and 316 stainless steel materials used on the machine are licensed.

• Easy change in a short time

• Ease of maintenance and service

• Closed enclosure in CE norms to ensure occupational safety and environmental cleanliness

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