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Round Surface Label Machine

Round Surface Label Machine

  • Advanced easy-to-use Omron/Beckhoff PLC control system
  • Touchscreen Omron/Beckhoff brand 5/7'' operator panel
  • Aluminum Structure
  • XYZ axis (three-way) adjustable labeling module
  • Adjustable start photocell from the screen with offset adjustment
  • Photocell selection suitable for packaging
  • Photocell selection suitable for the label
  • Setting label offset with label offset
  • Rewind system suitable for high speeds
  • Minimum label slip (±1mm)
  • Sensors (photocell) used on the machine SICK, KEYENCE
  • Pneumatic materials used on the machine SMC, FESTO
  • All reducers used on the machine are Bonfiglioli.
  • Easy change in a short time
  • Ease of maintenance and service
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