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Sleeve Machines

Sleeve Machines and Steam Tunnels

It is the perfect solution for the food, cosmetic and chemical industries. We offer solutions customized for products such as packaging dressing, safety neckband.

Sleeve Machines

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines are used in the food industry for water bottle packaging, pet bottle dressing, glass bottle dressing, metal bottle and container dressing, fruit juice dressing, ayran dressing, cologne bottle dressing, perfume bottle dressing, detergent dressing, softener bottle dressing and It is used for dressing the bleach bottle. The capacity of safety neck band machines varies according to sleeve length and package diameter. It is the machine that applies the tape designed as a safety precaution to the products, showing that the products in the food, chemistry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors are not opened until they reach the end user. You can contact us for your sleeve machine needs and price information. As Elektromag, we offer solutions for all your product dressing processes.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines

Sleeve dressing is the process of wrapping shrink films made of Pet-g, PVC, Pet or similar materials on the filled or to be made product as if dressing. With the help of steam, the dressing material takes the shape of the product and gives a one-piece product appearance. Sleeve dressing application is used in products in many sectors. Shrink sleeve highlights the appearance of the product on the shelf. Due to the shape of the bottle, it eliminates all the problems experienced in the labeling process. Due to the freedom of design, the entire bottle can be covered with a stylish design. You can call us for product dressing and learn the prices of body sleeve machines.

Safety Tape Machine

It is an application similar to the sleeve application process, its purpose is to ensure that the product is not tampered with until it reaches the end user safely. Many products are fitted with safety bands, honey caps, pickle caps, 19L carboys, tomato paste caps, cosmetic products, mascara sleeves, eyeliner sleeves. Please contact us for safety band machine prices.

Horizontal Sleeve and High Capacity Sleeve Machine

Sleeve dressing applications are the last stage of the products before packaging in mass production. For example, nail polish dressing, roll-on dressing in the cosmetics sector, detergent dressing in the chemical sector, dishwashing detergent dressing in the food sector, water bottle dressing, fruit juice dressing, kefir and ayran dressing can be given as examples. Call us for production capacity and high-capacity sleeve applicator machine prices.

Steam Tunnels

That machine performs the even shrinking of the sleeve on the package using steam. It is also called sleeve steam tunnel, shrink sealing machine and heat tunnel. Please contact us for steam tunnel prices and shrink packaging machine solutions.

This shrink sleeve labeler appiles labels to bottles, cans, plastic, tin and aluminum.

You can reach us from anywhere in America and Europe. You can always get technical support from us.

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